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May 17 2017

Black Cube has brought a “Colorado pavilion” to Venice

Denver-based nomadic gallery Black Cube has brought a “Colorado pavilion” to Venice as a satellite show, challenging the nationalist model of the Biennale. With text based neons from Joel Swanson and shiny gold sculptures from Laura Shill, it might sound like a fair booth on paper, but the work is gorgeous. Even Paddy (who was unphased by most of the Biennale) loved it.

May 16 2017

And the Latest Nation to Join the Venice Biennale Is… Colorado

artnet news - article by Terence Trouillot. In the midst of all the frenzy surrounding this year’s Venice Biennale and its antiquated nationalist structure, one pop-up exhibition is serving as ambassador for an unexpected global art community: Colorado.

April 28 2017

Cortney Lane Stell: Blowing up the art gallery

As the curator heads off for a showcase of Colorado artists in Venice, she chats about her working philosophy and reveals her plan to exhibit art in automobiles.

January 27 2017

Why you should be following Black Cube (and here’s the 2017 lineup)

One Good Eye article by Ray Rinaldi - Black Cube is doing some of the most exciting — and surely unpredictable — visual arts work in Colorado and beyond these days. The nomadic museum, which curates pop-up exhibitions at galleries, retail spaces, sidewalks and places like Red Rocks park, takes chances on both the people it presents and its locations. The organization has made serious art fun, watchable, follow-able, entertaining, social, and accessible (though you do have to find it each time around).

January 24 2017

Exploding Art-World Boundaries With Black Cube's New Fellows

Westword article by Lauren Archuletta - As a nomadic contemporary art museum, Black Cube and its executive director and chief curator, Cortney Stell, have already proven that they're here to "turn the idea of a museum on its head," pushing limits in the contemporary art world. With the announcement of the 2017 artist fellows, Stell is prepared to shake things up once more.

December 22 2016

The top 10 art exhibits of 2016 in Colorado

One Good Eye, Ray Rinaldi – #4. SANGREE, Unclassified Site Museum, Black Cube Nomadic Museum. September 15 through Dec. 31 There he was, presidential candidate Donald Trump traveling the country and spewing divisive rhetoric about how he was going to shut off Mexico from the U.S. And here they were, the Mexican duo SANGREE actually installing remnants of their country’s ancient Teotihuacan civilization in mock vitrines under Denver’s downtown streets. This fake archeological site was a wall-crasher and a reminder that we earthlings are connected not on our surfaces but through our core.